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We always take special precautions & actions to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and any other microorganisms, such as sanitizing keyboards, microphones, and other items in our teaching studios that may be shared between students after every lesson.

Proven Methods with a Fresh, Innovative Approach


About Guitar and Voice Lessons

My favorite series of Method books is Faber Piano Adventures, which provides exercises and songs to develop a well-rounded skill set including both right and left-hand facility, music theory concepts, and more.  I also use the Faber Sightreading books, and I mix in various materials I have created myself along with other books and tools to help the student further with speed, accuracy, timing, and a variety of other abilities.  


One of the things that allows us to stand out is our ability to find and create the perfect balance between the plethora of skills needed to excel on your instrument, no matter what instrument you are studying with us, and the specific goals you have for your playing.  It can become difficult to find the right balance here, especially with the guitar!  We have developed a solid method for our students to move forward in both areas with every lesson!


As a vocal coach, I believe the most important thing is to help you discover your unique, distinctive voice as a singer.  Basic skills and abilities along with in-depth application of these skills allow us to create and design the blueprint for your unique voice!  I teach many styles including contemporary  pop, rock, blues, jazz, R & B, and musical theatre.  I also specialize in belting and mixed voice.



At the Milwaukee Music Academy, we are able to help our students through our musical and teaching knowledge, as well our experience as performers.  Both Annie Bzdawka (piano, guitar, and voice) and David Shankle (guitar and bass guitar) each have been performing musicians for over 30 years, in environments where "keeping your chops up" is very important and very real.  Our students benefit greatly from this real-life experience, and we are happy to go the extra mile when it comes to educating our students on what it takes to succeed as a musician.

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